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Understanding Your Needs!


We take the time to learn your requirements.  Whether you're doing metalworking, metal finishing,electronics or using any other industrial chemicals we can help meet your finishing and manufacturing requirements.  From our extensive family of standard products to our special formulations, you can count on our experience and expertise to help find the most effective solution. 

Utilize our Expertise

In addition to our standard products and special product service, we can assist you with quality attainment, environmental compliance issues, training, statistical process control, equipment purchasing, and fine-tuning.

Special Formulations translate into Savings!

​When your operation requires special needs, we can custom blend a product to your exact specifications.  Through this process, we have augmented our extensive line of standard products with customized products.  We have increased performance while reducing costs by creating the exact formulas for the job.  An exact formula operates more efficiently and translates into real savings

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