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Plating Chemistry

Chemical Processing & Accessories can guide you to a solution for your plating needs.  As a representative of Westbrook Technologies, located in Scarborough, Ontario, we can provide systems, including zinc electroplating, and products that will create results previously thought to be unattainable.

Chemicals & Coatings

Liquid and powder chemicals for immersion, spray cabinet, high pressure wand, steam wand, and ultrasonic cleaning.
Alkaline and acid cleaners and degreasers
Foaming cleaners
Iron Phosphate conversion coatings
Zinc Phosphate conversion coatings
Black Oxide coatings
Rust Strippers
Neutral pH rust strippers
Paint Strippers
Scale removers
Rust Inhibitors
Floor cleaners
Clear coats/Seal coats
Ink cleaners
Final rinses
Water treatment chemicals
Paint booth detackification
Cutting fluids
Grinding fluids
Die Case lubes
Die and Mold cleaners
Mold release agents
Rust preventatives


Burnishing Compounds

Vibratory deburring compounds
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